Onpage SEO Analysis

New canvasses being fitted at Wicken Fen.
Peter and Neil fixing the new canvasses.

A high standard of on-page Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO), will, and always has had a huge impact on the status of a page or site within the Google search listings. We all use the search pages. We all know how they work, and rarely do we bother to go looking beyond page 2 or maybe 3.

That said, when there is a need to promote or advertise your business, service, trade or organisation, on-page SEO should be seriously considered because once in place, its impact tends to stick.

Test are for Google Event Tracking from a button click.

There is a whole array of areas to address within the page for SEO to be effective. It is not suggested that all of these areas has to be covered immediately but it is recommended that the key ones are identified and dealt with so that your sites’ search engine results are achieving a good listing position.To assist with this I use both SEO review software and a very effective manual process to ensure that we can make progressive search listingĀ  improvements for your pages and your website as a whole.


If you would like to see the Manual On-Page SEO Appraisal process I use in action please check out the offer onĀ this page.